Technology & Products Overview

As an industry leader, Sialo’s products are unmatched in both the sophistication of their capabilities and the simplicity of their application and usage. Sialo’s flagship product, the Dental Modular Endoscope, is a miniature endoscope that provides dentists with improved visibility within the area under treatment that increases the success rate of procedures and simultaneously prevents secondary complications. The unique design and technology of Sialo’s Dental Modular Endoscope has created a buzz among experts in the field.


In addition to the Dental Modular Endoscope, Sialo Technology Israel Ltd. has developed the innovative Dynamic Implant Valve Approach (DIVA), a uniquely structured implant that acts as a drug delivery system post-procedure. Unlike comparable products, Sialo’s DIVA solution allows dentists to re-open the implant’s internal canal and treat commonly occurring medical conditions. Using Sialo’s technology, dentists no longer need to remove the implant or repeat unnecessary procedures, thus improving day-to-day patient care and the success of ongoing treatment plans. With its easily adaptable design, the DIVA provides leading companies a way to incorporate the Sialo implant with their existing design and become differentiated market frontrunners.