Who is Sialo?

Sialo Technology Israel Ltd. offers revolutionary medical solutions for the treatment of various dental procedures and other oral conditions. The technology and design behind each of our products provide an answer to the specific needs and challenges of dental procedures such as root canals and dental implants. We strive to develop market-friendly, effective tools that assist dentists in providing the best level of care to their patients.

What does Sialo Offer?

With its diverse functionality and uniquely simple application, Sialo’s Dental Modular Endoscope brings a new, differentiated technique to the field of dental procedures. Click here to read more about what experts are calling the “future of dentistry.”

Sialo’s Dynamic Implant Valve Approach (DIVA) is redefining the field of dental implantology. Click here to read more about how our DIVA can be easily incorporated into your current implantation methods and reduce the need for follow-up procedures.

Why is Sialo different?

Sialo’s products leverage a wide range of technological advancements and design innovation in order to create smart solutions to existing problems. Unlike existing tools and techniques, Sialo utilizes the improvements in magnification capabilities in order to develop versatile dental devices that increase visibility and precision for dentists and, as a result, improve dental care for patients worldwide.